Fire Retardant Sprays And Their Uses

A fire retardant is classified as any substance that is used to either stop the spread of fire or to reduce the overall intensity of the level of fire. A fire retardant spray accomplishes this goal through either a chemical or physical reaction. The idea behind using chemical retardants is to allow fire fighters the opportunity to gain traction to stop an advancing fire.

Fire retardants have been in use since the late 1970’s in order to decrease the number of materials that are able to ignite and catch fire. Items such as fabric, wood and paper are generally not considered fire retardant.

As mentioned previously, a fire retardant is a chemical or physical substance that is used by firefighters to slow or stop the spread of fire or reduce its intensity. Fire retardants work by chemical reactions that reduce the flammability of fuels or delay their combustion.

When a fire loses intensity, firefighters are able to strategize the best attack to extinguish a fire. Fire retardants are also available in the form of fire retardant coatings or a fire retardant spray to be applied to an object that is at a highest risk of catching fire.

Fire Retardant Spray Uses:

Often in school districts, teachers use curtains to cover classroom windows. Due to fire prevention regulations, the fabric must be fire retardant. Fire Marshall’s often approve fabric materials if a proper fire retardant is used on the fabrics, wood or paper that is used in the classroom applications. Interior fabric fire retardant spray is used in the home to protect curtains, furnishings, carpets or other fabric surfaces. It penetrates the materials and will extinguish flames on most fabrics to help keep a fire from spreading.

Fire retardant sprays for exterior wood and for interior wood are used for a variety of wood surfaces found inside and outside the residence. Treated wood will slow down a fire by not igniting easily. It’s important to use the product specified for the locations being protected.

Many people perish in fires because there was simply not enough time for them to get out. A fire can move quickly, but with fire protection sprays and paints, the fire will move at a slower rate. This can allow people to get out of the business or the home before the fire destroys the entire structure. In a fire; you literally have only seconds to get out.

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