use flamex pf-2 to protect barns and stables from fire

Fireproofing Wood Barns and Stables

In this section of our blog, we’ll discuss fireproofing wood barns and stables and protecting Livestock from fires – Nobody ever thinks that a ranch fire could affect them – until it does. A fire on any farm can be devastating – but if it happens on a ranch, and affects the majority of your livestock, the results can be absolutely devastating.

And, due to the remote location of many farms and ranches, emergency response teams often cannot respond in time to save your building or livestock, which can be disastrous.

The best way to protect yourself from the risk of a fire on your ranch is to protect your barns with a non-toxic fire retardant spray for wood.

A modern fire retardant spray can help increase the resistance of a wood structure, such as a barn or stable, to fire. This provides you with valuable time that can help you safeguard your employees, equipment, and livestock, and can help you avoid fires altogether.

Fire Risks On Ranches – Understanding The Most Common Causes Of Fireflamex pf-2 fire retardant spray applied to wood will protect it from fires caused by small pre-igntion sources such as flying ambers

Wooden Barns and Stables are at a high risk of fire, due to their wood-based construction, and the presence of fuel, firewood, dry hay, alcohol and solvents and other such fire accelerants. What are the most common causes of barn fires?

Smoking – There should never be any smoking – or exposed flames of any kind – near or next to your barn. A single carelessly-discarded cigarette bud can spell disaster for your wood structure.
Electrical sparks – Faulty electrical equipment is also a common cause of barn fires. Take care of updating your barn’s wiring and appliances when necessary. Have them inspected for fire risks by an electrician.
Overheated hay – Improperly-stored, moist hay can spontaneously combust. This usually occurs when moisture levels exceed 22%, and internal hay temperatures rise above 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Check hay heat regularly when drying, especially if temperatures exceed 140 degrees.
Lightning strikes – Lightning strikes are rare, but can cause the combustion of your barn. Even a stray spark or an ember from a far-away lightning strike could, potentially, be enough to send your barn up in flames.

Prevention Is The Best Cure For Barn Fires

When a barn catches fire, there’s usually not much you can do about it. It’s likely going to burn down. But you can prevent barn fires, and delay their spread. Follow the above tips to prevent barn and stable fires.

And to prevent them from spreading – and increase the likelihood they can be stopped – invest in Flamex PF-2 non-toxic fire retardant spray for wood.

This compound is non-toxic and safe for horses and livestock, and dramatically increases the fire resistance of treated wood – minimizing the risk of a fire, and reducing its ability to spread, should the worst-case scenario occur.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So take the above steps to reduce your risk of horse stable or barn fires, and invest in Flamex PF-2 products to treat your barn and stalls – to ensure that your livestock remains safe.

Stay Safe – Follow These Tips For Barn Fire Prevention

If you take the above steps to keep your barn safe from fires, you’ll be able to protect your livestock – and your livelihood. So don’t wait – start shopping for fire retardants such as Flamex PF-2 today.

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