Flamex PF-1 Fire Retardant For Paper


Flamex PF-1 fire retardant for paper is a fire retardant product that penetrates the substrate and becomes part of its molecular structure. When wood treated with Flamex PF-1 and is subjected to an open flame, Flamex PF-1 will reduce the flame spread to a Class A or B rating depending on application coverage.

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Flamex PF-1 fire retardant spray for paper, and interior wood can also be used on straw. When the treated material is subjected to an open flame, Flamex PF-1 will reduce the flame spread to a Class A or B rating depending on application coverage.

With the amazing fire-inhibiting ability of Flamex PF-1 fire retardant, it is possible that many devastating fires can be prevented before they start. By making many combustible items highly resistant to fire, Flamex PF-1 can drastically slow the spread of a fire, giving the occupants extra time to evacuate a structure.

Flamex PF-1 is non-toxic and non-hazardous to the environment and simple to apply.

When Flamex PF-1 is applied to interior wood, the wood substrate being extinguished is cooled down by the thermal endothermic reaction and produces extinguishing water that does not the fire triangle describes the three elements a fire needs to ignite which is heat, fuel, and oxygenevaporate as quickly as regular water does. The burning material can, therefore, be wetted more effectively, making it easier to contain the fire and avoiding the high temperatures that normally occur with a fire. When catching fire, the treated wood is immediately cooled, and therefore will not burn and cannot be ignited easily. Extinguishing water becomes chemical water that contains a nitrogen and oxygen mixture and forms a gas that replaces the surrounding oxygen which a fire needs to survive.

Applying Flamex PF-1 fire retardant on interior wood penetrates and becomes part of the substrate. The life of the flame retardant is permanent as long as it is applied in a humidity-controlled environment. If the environmental humidity cannot be sustained at 70% or below, we recommend using Flamex PF-2.

Flamex PF-1 will not alter the structural integrity of the wood. Flamex PF-1 is often chosen because it is one of the best fire retardant sprays for interior use. It is non-toxic, dries clear, and is easy to apply with a sprayer.

Once cured (12 hrs.) the treated material may be painted with latex paint. Use only solvent-based, non-flammable clear coats or latex based top coat.

Flamex PF fire retardant spray has been tested to the following standards: ASTM E-84, NFPA 255, and UL 723

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