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Why Fireproofing


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Fireproofing is a must-have in all residential, commercial and industrial locations. Fires can happen anytime, and there are many places where fireproofing or fire-stopping products are purposefully required by code. Schools and universities, laboratories, airlines, hotels, entertainment venues and local craft fairs are all examples where fire risk assessment should be done before a situation occurs. Fire retardants can provide the time needed to safely circumvent worst-case situations. Fire retardants are most frequently used in existing industrial buildings, public buildings and facilities, or on new buildings. They can also be used on smaller projects, but not for those tasks that simply require heat resistant paint, like steel and concrete that require a barrier in hours.

Both the inside and the outside of the building has to be fireproof to certain standards, depending on the building’s use. For example, a restaurant or kitchen that is likely to be surrounded by a large amount of wooden furniture and flammable materials, will need a higher grade than a standard household kitchen. Warehouses and businesses that supply, manufacture or store lots of industrial substances will again need a different type of fire retardant coating.


Intumescent fireproofing products react to the levels of heat produced from fire by expanding multiple times their installed size. The expanding reaction means that during a fire, they fills gaps and spaces and close off voids around pipes, ducts, cable trunking, door frames and any other spaces that may allow fire and smoke to spread, thus containing the spread of the fire and smoke.