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The ultimate result of successful fireproofing is to win time; allowing people to escape from the building
and the fire authorities to extinguish the fire in its early stages

Why Should You Choose Our Products?


Our products have been tested and certified to meet ASTM & UL standards. Our products have rigorous quality control which, at all stages, ensures products remain at the leading edge of fire containment. All of our products and their ingredients are made in the US. By using our products, you can greatly increase the safety of your home or business.

For Commercial and Residential Applications

National Fireproofing, Inc. manufactures and distributes fire retardant sprays for wood, fabric, paper, etc. We also carry intumescent paint and caulk suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications to comply with fire codes. Our experience in the fire protection industry ensures that we are focused and fully committed to offering expert advise and assistance to meet individual needs.

For over 18 years, our products have been known for their exceptional performance, superior durability, and ease of application. All of our products, including our fireproof paint, fireproof caulk and fire retardant sprays all comply with UL, NFPA and ASTM standards. Because of our quality control, all of our raw materials that we use in our fire retardant sprays are made in the USA and not imported from foreign countries that are sometimes contaminated with PBDE’s and other toxic chemicals. Our fire retardants are made in fresh batches to ensure entire shelf life.

We offer flame retardant sprays for interior and exterior use. All our products are manufactured using only the highest grade materials and manufacturing techniques. Our product line also includes intumescent paint, fireproof caulking, intumescent pillows and intumescent putty pads. Our products are non-toxic. For over 15 years, our products have been known for their exceptional performance, superior durability, and ease of application. Our fire retardants have been tested and certified to meet all ASTM & UL standards.

We have an enviable reputation in the provision of timely and courteous service. We strive to provide our customers with the highest standard of service and believe our success can be attributed to our continual awareness of customer needs and tailoring our service to customer requirements.  When it comes to intumescent paint, you need a true fire barrier that can withstand extreme temperatures in any given situation and this is why our intumescent paint & products are so popular. 

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