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Welcome to National Fireproofing, Inc

Founded in 1998, National Fireproofing has been supplying fire retardant products which include fire retardant sprays, fire retardant caulk, and fire retardant putty. Our products are designed to meet applicable fire codes and are suitable for industrial, residential and commercial applications. Our company is second to none in the fire protection industry. Through our extensive knowledge and continual research and experience, we offer expert advice to individuals while providing the necessary tools to prevent worst-case scenarios. 

Our Experience: Your Safety

We employ the finest manufacturing techniques and premium grade materials to produce our highly-rated fire-retardant products. Because customer safety remains our number one priority, we have also introduced into our product line a variety of other fire protection items including intumescent putty pads and intumescent pillows. With over 18 years in the fireproofing industry, we have developed our products to be non-toxic, exceptionally safe, highly durable and easy to use. All of the fire retardants made by our company have been tested and certified to meet the UL and ASTM standards.

Superior Intumescent Products 

There are some companies in the industry that unfortunately are unaware of the importance to prevent the ability of a fire to penetrate the underlying surface.  Our company is a distributor of intumescent products that protects the integrity of the substrate itself.  Whether installed on roof assemblies, walls, floors or ceilings, our fire retardants are able to help keep you safe and protected in the face of any fire incident. It is our commitment and dedication to customer safety and satisfaction that has earned us the reputation we so deserve. 

Who Needs Fireproofing?

Fireproofing is a must-have in all residential, commercial and industrial locations. Fires can happen anytime, and there are many places where fireproofing or fire-stopping products are purposefully required by code. Schools and universities, laboratories, airlines, hotels, entertainment venues and local craft fairs are all examples where fire risk assessment should be done before a situation occurs.  Fire retardants can provide the time needed to safely circumvent worst-case situations. 

Fire Retardant For Fabric

In residential settings, it is reported that curtains cause a significant proportion of loss in fire incidents.  Because material types can effect both duration and temperature of a fire, treating with our fire-retardant solutions can help prevent flame spread.  Our company provides fire-retardant sprays made especially for fabric.  

Exterior Fire Retardant

Exposure to the environment makes exterior wood extremely susceptible to fire.  Our fire-retardant solutions have been independently tested and meet ASTM E-84 Class A requirements. Fire-retardant spray for exterior wood can help make your home and loved ones safe and secure.   

Intumescent Fireproof Products

Our intumescent products pass the standard’s test procedures for copper pipe, steel pipe, cable trays, non-metallic or plastic pipe penetrations through walls, floors, ceilings, concrete wall, gypsum wall, wooden floor, and other rated assemblies. 

Interior Fire Retardant

Our fire retardant is suitable for interior applications and the most typical uses include internal wall framing and ceilings, drywall, roof sheathing, wooden scaffolding, etc. It controls ignition of fire, impedes flame spread across the wood surface and lowers the heat release from the wood-based substrate

Customer Service: Second To None

National Fireproofing, Inc is known for providing exceptional customer service. Our team works hard to give our clients the utmost service on every level.  We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.  By familiarizing ourselves with the needs of our clients, we are able to provide a product that ensures protection to people and property in the worst of situations.  

Our Products Have Been Tested By The Following Laboratories And Standards

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