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Through our extensive knowledge and continual research and experience, we offer expert advice to individuals while providing the necessary tools to prevent worst-case scenarios.

Our products comply with the ASTM, NFPA, and UL Standard specifications. It is our uncompromising commitment to the research and development of our products that sets us apart from others in this fast-growing industry. We have over two decades of experience in this field of work and we will do our best to offer you the help and value that you deserve.

National Fireproofing Supply Co.

Fire Retardant
Spray Products

Our non-toxic fire retardant spray for fabric can be applied to drapes, stage curtains, and other decorative materials. Lab tested for use in hotels, schools, theaters, restaurants, nightclubs, trade shows, etc. We also carry fire retardant sprays for interior and exterior wood. A Certificate of Flame Resistance can be issued to you upon request for your local Fire Department, Health Department or Building Department inspection.

National Fireproofing Supply Co.

UL Classified
Firestop Sealants

Our firestop products for joint systems between walls or between walls and ceilings are listed and tested under the UL 2079 or ASTM E1966 Test Standard Method for Fire-Resistive Joint Systems. For wall or ceiling penetrations, they are tested under the UL 1479 or ASTM E814–Fire Tests of Penetration Firestop Systems listing. Firestops are designed to maintain the fireproofing of a wall or floor assembly allowing it to impede the spread of fire and smoke. Buildings must ensure that any openings and gaps are fire stopped to restrict both lateral and vertical fire & smoke spread.


Lab tested products for use in hotels, schools, theaters, restaurants, nightclubs, trade shows, etc.

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