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How To Fireproof Your Home

Here are some ways to fireproof your home

There are a few precautions that can help minimize damage caused by fires. You can call a professional to help fireproof your home, but there are also some common-sense precautions you can do yourself. Accidents and natural disasters happen and many times there’s no way to prevent them. Fire causes literally billions of dollars in damage every year. You can’t always protect yourself against an accident, but there are some ways to protect your home and belongings from damaging fires.

Install Smoke Alarms as a measure to fireproof your home.

Fire alarms can play a critical role in ensuring everyone gets out of a dwelling that is on fire. If your house is older and doesn’t yet have smoke alarms, a key way to fireproofing your home is to install smoke alarms. It’s worth the time to install them. Once they are installed, they also need to be properly maintained. If an electrician installs a smoke detector, it may be linked into the electrical system. If it is not, make sure to check the smoke alarm every four months and change batteries often.

Keep fire extinguishers on hand

Place fire extinguishers strategically around your home in areas that are prone to fires. If your goal to protect your home from fire, you’ll need to keep a fire extinguisher in your home. You’ll need one in the kitchen area, close to a fireplace, and outdoors near where you cook out. It’s also a good idea to have one in the garage or near areas where flammables are stored. Many experts suggest having one in every room of the house. Remember they do not last forever, always check their expiry date and ensure they are up to date. Replace or refill them as needed.

Fireproof Indoor Furniture

Use a fire retardant spray to protect indoor fabric furniture. A fire retardant spray for fabric can be used on indoor furnishings to protect them if a fire does break out. Retardant products can slow the effects of a fire and keep furniture from adding to the flames. We offer fire retardant sprays at National Fireproofing Supply Co.

Clean up Junk.

It’s easy for junk to stack up, it does it before you know it. Old clothes, boxes and newspapers can be a fire hazard. These are often stacked up out of the way and forgotten. They can be flammable, and a little spark can start a huge blaze that soon burns out of control. Make your home safer by ridding it of stacked up junk every three or four months.

Check for Overloaded Wiring

If you turn on a light or use a specific outlet and you blow a fuse, you are likely dealing with overloaded wires. To avoid a fire, call an electrician immediately. Don’t use higher wattage bulbs than what a lighting fixture designates. Use outdoor outlets for outdoor lights. Ask the electrician about installing firestop putty pads around electrical outlets to help seal the area and keep fire, smoke or toxic gases from reaching other areas of the home. You really want to make sure to protect your electrical boxes from fire.

These are just a few ways to get started fireproofing your home. They won’t make you immune to fire dangers, but can help minimize the risk of loss and injury. Take a look at our fireproofing products.

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