Fire Retardant Spray Uses

A fire retardant is a chemical that is used to either slow or stop the spread of flame or lower its intensity. This is commonly accomplished by chemical reactions that reduce the flammability of fuels or delay their combustion. Fire retardants may also cool the fuel through physical action or endothermic chemical reactions.

Due to fire prevention regulations in commercial establishments such as schools, hotels, daycares, etc., fabric materials must be fire retardant. Fire Marshal’s often approve fabric materials if a lab tested fire retardant is used.

We offer a fire retardant spray for multiple porous materials. Laboratory tested on interior wood, exterior wood, and fabric. Our fire retardant spray is tested according to NFPA, ASTM, and UL testing standards.

National Fireproofing Supply is the best choice for fire retardant spray and fireproofing materials. All fire retardant products we offer are non-toxic and non-hazardous.