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This advanced fire retardant spray for fabric penetrates fabrics deeply into their cell walls and remains there until the material has been either wet washed once, or dry cleaned more than twice. Once applied, flame spread of the treated fabric is reduced, and flames will often self-extinguish upon a pre-ignition source. Flamex PF fire retardant spray for fabric is also non-toxic and non-hazardous. This product is widely used in restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, homes and many other commercial and residential buildings.

Flamex PF fire retardant spray for fabric has no harmful fumes or nasty smells and it dries quickly and completely with no residue and without affecting the color of the treated material. This fire retardant spray is also long-lasting. It will last indefinitely as long as the fabric is not wet washed. Treated cloth and textiles may be dry cleaned up to two times without requiring re-application.

Basic Uses

Flamex PF fire retardant spray for fabric can be used on all garments, draperies, upholstered seating and furniture, natural fiber carpets, and other porous textiles. Spray application is recommended for larger areas, though rollers and brushes can also be used to apply the product to fabrics. Typical dry time for this product is 8-12 hours, depending on the temperature, moisture, and other conditions.

Applicable Standards

This fire retardant spray has been through extensive testing. It passes all of these applicable standards:

  • NFPA 255 (Standard Method of Surface Burning)
  • NFPA 701 (Flame Propagation Testing)
  • UL 723 (Standard for Test of Surface Burning Characteristics)
  • CA Title 19 (California Code of Regulations)

Fabric Identification Chart

Application Instructions

This fire retardant spray for fabric can be applied through spraying or immersion. The entire fabric should be saturated. Thick materials may require a heavier coat. To test for proper application, use a small flame such as a butane lighter to apply heat to the material, while holding it vertically. Apply flame for 5-10 seconds. The flame should go out within 2-3 seconds. This spray should not be diluted, as it will lose effectiveness. It has a shelf life of 5 years, and should not be stored in excess of 110 degrees F, or lower than 45 degrees F.

For treating other materials such as interior and exterior wood, please visit our fire retardant spray store page.

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1 review for Flamex PF Fire Retardant Spray

  1. Nick Weller (verified owner)

    We were happy with the application of this product and it’s price. There was no nasty odor and left no oily residue like the last product we used from another company. Highly recommended!

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