Flamex PF Fire Retardant Spray For Porous Fabric


Flamex PF fire retardant spray is ideal for treating your curtains, cushions and upholstery fabric to prevent fires. One gallon of Flamex PF will treat approximately 300 square ft. of curtain material of average thickness.


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There are no universal flame retardants that work across all applications. Different products have to meet different safety and performance standards. For example, a fire retardant chemicals for wood should be different than a fire retardant for fabrics, plastics, etc. Flamex PF fire retardant spray is specifically formulated for fire retarding fabric. It easy to apply and possesses high penetrating properties so it quickly penetrates the surface of  all types of natural fabrics and some semi-synthetic materials that require fire protection. Flamex PF fire retardant spray for fabric can be used in a variety of industries and is frequently used in hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, theater buildings, homes, movie theaters, apartment buildings, etc. Flamex PF fire retardant spray for fabric is non-toxic, odorless, and is the best choice if you need to pass NFPA 701 or California Title 19 Section 1237.1 fire codes.
The unique chemical composition of this fire retardant penetrates deeply into the fabric. It’s highly durable to humidity, long-lasting, and will remain in the fabric until the fabric has been washed or dry cleaned two or more times. After a proper application, the fabric will become resistant to fire, and flames will often self-extinguish after ignition. Flamex PF works by creating an invisible layer on contact that when exposed to heat, creates a char forming barrier. Flamex PF is not suitable for painted, varnished, waxed or waterproofed materials.
Flamex PF Fire Retardant Spray Burn Demo

How to apply a fire retardant spray to fabric:

  1. Make sure that the fabric has been washed or vacuumed to remove dust.

  2. Apply with a spray bottle, an airless sprayer or by completely immersing the fabric. 

  3. If spraying, start at the upper left corner and apply the fire retardant across from end to end.

  4. Continue working your way down and across while overlapping each pass.

  5. After treating one side of the fabric, confirm that the opposite side is damp.

  6. If the first side did not penetrate through, repeat the application to the opposite side .

  7. Eliminate any folds in the fabric in order for air to dry the treatment thoroughly.

Flammability test is best to know the identification of fabric: To recognize the composition of fabrics by the burning test, the sample of fiber, yarn, or fabric should be moved slowly towards a small flame, and the reaction to heat carefully observed. One end of the sample should be put directly into flame to determine its burning rate and characteristics. The burning odor should be noted and the characteristics of the ash such as amount, form, hardness, and color should be examined. To identify fabric that is unknown, a simple burn test can be done to determine if the fabric is a natural fiber, man-made fiber, or a blend of natural and man-made fibers. The burn test is used by many fabric stores and designers and takes practice to determine the exact fiber content. However, an inexperienced person can still determine the difference between many fibers to “narrow” the choices down to natural or man-made fibers. This elimination process will give information necessary to decide the care of the fabric.
Identification of Fibers Through Burning Test

Additional Information:
Shelf life of up to 5 years when stored properly between 45-110° F
Leaves no nasty chemical odors
Does not release harmful fumes
Will not affect the color or appearance of the treated material
Dries quickly without leaving any residue on treated fabric
Meets applicable standards – NFPA 255, NFPA 701, UL 723, and CA Title 19 1237.1

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4 reviews for Flamex PF Fire Retardant Spray For Porous Fabric

  1. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

  2. Dino Theodoropoulos (Verified Buyer)

    I own a restaurant in California and needed to treat the curtains with a fire retardant according to fire inspector. The Flamex applied very well with no smell and no different appearance in fabric. Would use again!
    3rd Party Verified Review

  3. Tom Moran

    Fire inspector did a burn test with a lighter and cloth would not burn. Passed inspection with flying colors.
    3rd Party Verified Review

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for the tech help and product
    3rd Party Verified Review

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