Intumescent UL Firestop Pillows


Intumescent UL Firestop Pillows


2” x 4” x 8” Intumescent Firebarrier pillows are designed to firestop large open voids and openings made for cables and cable trays. Firebarrier pillows are UL tested to maintain up to a 3-hour rating and are soft, easily stackable, self-supporting and require no mesh or sealant.

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These UL Classified intumescent firestop pillows are a tested method of fire protection with regards to pipes, cables, and metal fixtures, which navigate through firewalls and floors. In the event of a fire, these Firebarrier intumescent pillows will form a protective seal to prevent fire damage by stopping the spread of flames and heat.

These intumescent firestop pillows contain hydrates or chemically bound water. On the fire side, the plastic bag burns off exposing the intumescent to the fire, which releases the water in the form of steam. The steam rises and hits the plastic bag interior on the unexposed side, where it condenses back to water and runs back down to cool the installation below. intumescent pillows are held in place by compressing them, allowing friction to restrain them. If replaced a sufficient number of times, the pillows will retain a permanent compression, requiring their replacement with new components.

Fire barrier intumescent pillows are suitable for temporary and permanent cable penetration firestop seals in fire compartment walls such as telephone equipment, computer rooms and in areas where services are continually being modified. The penetrating cables, which can vary in size and type may be supported on cable trays. Before installation of Firebarrier pillow, remove any loose debris and obstacles within the penetration to be sealed. Ensure the penetrating cables are installed accordingly on each side of the penetration. Do not rely on the Firebarrier pillow to provide cable support.

Firebarrier intumescent pillows are designed for large openings, mechanical, electrical and metal installations in compartment walls and floors. For example metal piping, coating cables, air ducts, and cable bundles.

• ASTM-E814 (UL 1470)
• UL Classified

• 3 Hour Fire Rating
• 2” x 4” x 8” Size
• Intumescent
• Ready-To-Use
• Easy Installation
• Economical
• Lightweight
• Self-Supporting
• No Wire Mesh Needed

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