About National Fireproofing Supply Co.

Since 1998, National Fireproofing Supply Co. has been providing fireproofing products which include fire retardant sprays and UL Classified intumescent firestopping. Our company is second to none in the fire protection industry. Through our extensive knowledge and continual research and experience, we offer expert advice to individuals while providing the necessary tools to prevent worst-case scenarios.

By utilizing our products, you could greatly enhance the safety and security of your building. They control the fire and reduce the opportunity of it spreading. When you make use of fireproofing products, you could shield the entire framework from fire. This could help contain a fire in one tiny area as well as prevent it from spreading to various other parts of the framework.

Our products are of the highest standards and are highly competitive in cost and performance. We have hands on experience of application and our are products lab tested on numerous materials including textiles, interior & exterior wood, wall penetrations, duct sealing, etc. We have a wealth of experience to advise our clients on the correct application and technical advice. Our clients include airlines, the construction industry, contract painters & decorators, schools, universities, hotels, etc.


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